Don't hurry, let's think. Real logic game. Score equals number of mouse clicks, not the time.

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freeware game for Windows by Miodrag Malovic' 1997.

Beginner, intermediate, expert and user-defined mode. 10 best scores in the hall of fame for each mode. You can enter the hall of fame only if you load your game no more than once! Warnings like "you didn't save your game..." can be enabled or disabled using the options menu.
The appearance and controls are very similar to Windows minesweeper.

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  This game is, being slightly outdated, declared freeware. The same applies for Monochrome Lines. High scores table and program will not be updated.  



Unfortunately high scores list will not be maintained as of 2007.
A hint to help you achieve worthy score:
People often miss the difference between Windows minesweeper and MM minefield. Windows minesweeper ends when you mark all the empty fields. It marks remaining unmarked fields as mines when their number becomes equal to number of mines left. MM minefield does the opposite! It ends when you mark all the mines. It marks remaining unmarked fields as empty the moment there are no mines left. So: don't clear the fields you know to be empty, if that doesn't help you solving the puzzle.

score» BEGINNER «
11  Anurag Setia  email
12  B.G.
 Outlaw Torn  email
 Daniel Hermening  email
 Scotte  email
 Jake Smith  email
 Vučko  email
 Mihajlo  email
 Michael Wintle  email
 Andreas Klemensich  email
 Marc Schouten  email
 Matjaz Konvalinka  email
 Ketil Pedersen  email
 Toni Hahnekamp  email
 Payam Moradshahi  email
 Kalkid  email
 Andrew Powell  email
 Benny Benjamin  email
 Stuart Paynter  email
 Ray-Ray  email
 Carlos Billini  email
 Pascal de Guélis   email
 Michael Schüller  email
 Saša Budimir  email
 Luis Daniel González  email
 Georgi Kermekchiev  email
 Steve Lemaire  email
13  Cori Ewing  email
 Pepito  email
 Thomas McMillin  email
 Bertram Somieski  email
 Lakhavir Singh Toor  email
 Lena  email
14  Gannebraemorr  email
 Fifield Dan  email
 Basvi Ayuluri  email
 Keith Romano  email
 Ivan C. Nascimento  email
15  (me)
 Andy  email
 Narges  email
17  Remi Moyen  email
 Margherita Mutarelli  email
18  Katarina Marković  email
33  James Gaede  email
47  Michael Schüller  email
49  Stuart Paynter  email
50  Vučko  email
 Michael Wintle  email
51  Benny Benjamin  email
 Luis Daniel González  email
 Steve Lemaire  email
52  Keith Romano  email
53  Matjaz Konvalinka  email
54  Scotte  email
 Ray-Ray  email
 Andrew Powell  email
 Georgi Kermekchiev  email
55  Bertram Somieski  email
56  Outlaw Torn  email
57  Mihajlo  email
 Ketil Pedersen  email
 Andy  email
58  (me)
 Remi Moyen  email
 Narges  email
62  Jake Smith  email
63  Thomas McMillin  email
 JohnK  email
64  Michael Schüller  email
65  Anurag Setia  email
66  Pascal de Guélis  email
67  Marc Schouten  email
69  Ivan C. Nascimento  email
71  Cori Ewing  email
 Payam Moradshahi  email
 Lakhavir Singh Toor  email
73  Katarina Marković  email
 Anurag Setia  email
78  Samar Saikaly  email
87  Margherita Mutarelli  email
91  Carlos Billini  email
105  Daryl Davis  email
116  Saša Budimir  email
121  Lena  email
122  James Gaede  email
124  Fifield Dan  email
score» EXPERT «
151  Andrew Powell  email
152  Michael Schüller  email
155  Benny Benjamin  email
157  Matjaz Konvalinka  email
 Steve Lemaire  email
158  Vučko  email
162  Scotte  email
 Ketil Pedersen  email
166  Jean C  email
 Georgi Kermekchiev  email
167  Michael Wintle  email
 Luis Daniel González  email
168  Outlaw Torn  email
 Ray-Ray  email
169  Michael Wengler  email
173  (me)
175  Remi Moyen  email
184  István Kricsfalussy  email
190  Narges  email
191  Bertram Somieski  email
199  Mihajlo  email
201  Keith Romano  email
205  Henriette Azeredo  email
207  Ivan C. Nascimento  email
239  Dylan Hulkenberg  email
242  Katarina Marković  email
254  Margherita Mutarelli  email
332  James Gaede  email


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